Can I return an item if I am not happy?

Can I return an item if I am not happy?

Will my purchase arrive safely?
August 22, 2017
What if I missed out on the Sale?
August 22, 2017

It is our mission to deliver all items purchased just as they are displayed and described on our website. If your item is, however, defective or not representative of the item chosen on our website, you are entitled to receive a new item or a full refund. You must make a claim within 7 days of receipt of your item to qualify for an exchange, credit or refund.
Our Paintings are individually hand painted, and therefore not every item can be exactly the same.
A tolerance of up to 10% in variation must be accepted for this reason.
We do not refund for variations that fall within this parameter. If your wish is for exact replication of an image as seen on our website, we would suggest a Print to fulfill this requirement (subject to availability).
We do not refund for change of mind or incorrect size choice. Additionally, once you place and pay for an order, this shall be considered final and no variations are possible thereafter.

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