Customer Rewards & Reviews

Customer Rewards & Reviews

Loyalty Rewards

Wilhems & Green customers receive the best discount available and are rewarded every time they shop, whether it be a large purchase or a small value item!

A Wilhems & Green customer’s status is automatically determined by the amount spent over the last 365 rolling days:

Gold customers would have spent over AUD $1,000 in the last 365 days and will receive an exclusive 10% off their next purchase.

Platinum customers would have spent over AUD$1,500 in the last 365 days and will receive an exclusive 15% off their next purchase.

This is a rolling discount so each order you place will help maintain your exclusive discount.

You will be sent reminders when your discount is about to run out so you can place a new order and keep reaping the rewards. If you want to check your customer status please check My Account.

This discount applies to the list price of items. If the product is already discounted by more than your loyalty discount you will not receive further discount.

Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately the purchase of gift vouchers and memberships do not count towards your running total, however when you use gift vouchers this does count. The Gold and Platinum prices are applied to the list price of a product. If the product is already discounted below the Gold/Platinum price you will not receive any further discount.

The value of any returned items will be deducted from your running total.

Postage costs do not count towards your running total.

Loyalty discount is not applied to gift vouchers.

Refer a Friend

Everyone should enjoy the good stuff, which is why we’re rewarding our customers for referring a friend to us. This is how it works:

1. Existing customer refers a friend to Wilhems & Green.

2. Friend creates an account and spends over AUD $1,000 in their first order.

3. Existing customer (referrer) gets 10% of their friend’s first order (in Wilhems & Green vouchers).

4. Friend gets AUD$50 in Wilhems & Green voucher.

Terms and Conditions

You must already be a Wilhems & Green customer (must have ordered from Wilhems & Green before) to be able to refer someone else.

The friend must spend over AUD $1,000 on their first order for the referrer to receive 10% of the friends first order value.

Gift voucher and event purchases cannot be counted towards the friend’s first order to qualify for the referrer and friend to qualify for the scheme.

The friend’s first purchase must be within 30 days of receiving the referral in order to qualify.

It must be your friend’s first Wilhems & Green order for the referrer and friend to qualify.

If the friend’s order is shipped in multiple despatches the referrer will receive Wilhems & Green vouchers to the value of 10% of the friend’s order each time a package is sent.

The friend’s AUD $50 welcome voucher will be issued to the friend, upon invoicing of the friends first order processed by Wilhems & Green. Which means it can only be used on the 2nd order onwards.

The friend’s AUD $50 welcome voucher and referrer’s vouchers to the value of 10% of friends first order must be redeemed within 90 days of issue.

Vouchers can only be redeemed upon the account that they have been created.

The voucher cannot be applied retrospectively to previous orders.

This scheme is intended for consumer use only. No business, commercial entity or Wilhems & Green Affiliate partner may benefit from this scheme.

You cannot refer yourself.

You cannot refer a friend using the same delivery address, phone number or payment details.

In cases that we deem to be in breach of the above terms and conditions, Wilhems & Green reserves the right to cancel orders without applying the scheme.

Wilhems & Green reserves the right to cancel any orders in which the referrer and friend are believed to be the same person.

Wilhems & Green reserves the right, at their discretion, to retract access to the Refer a Friend scheme through your customer account.

Please note, refer a friend is not currently available outside Australia.

Customer Reviews

To make sure that we only stock the best products we give our customers the chance to leave reviews on products they have purchased from us. To leave a product review simply follow these steps:

1. Visit the page of the product you wish to review. 2. Click on the ‘Customer Reviews’ tab, then the ‘Write a review’ button. 3. You will then be taken to the review form with the following sections:
  • Your product rating
  • Your review
  • Share your photos or videos (optional)
  • Share your products (optional)
  • Your information
  • Tell us what you think about Wilhems & Green

Please note, you are reviewing the product, all feedback related to the service Wilhems & Green provides should be included in the ‘Tell us what you think about Wilhems & Green" section only.

Avoid your review being rejected, steer clear of the following:
  • Don’t swear
  • Don’t mention competitors
  • Don’t mention the price as this may change
  • Don’t review our service; focus on the product, our service can be reviewed later
  • Don’t plagiarize, it is your review and no one else’s

You have the option to add a video to your review. This is fairly simple as long as you have video recording capabilities on your cell phone or digital/video camera.

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