Your Rights

We are confident that our Wilhems & Green model ships will go the distance.  We give you a 15 Year guarantee that your Wilhems & Green Model Ship will:

  • Be of acceptable quality, meaning that your Wilhems & Green model ship will:
  • be fit for its Intended Purpose – decorative item for your home and / or office environment
  • be durable, in that it will last for a reasonable time; and
  • be free from minor defects

Your Remedies

If your Wilhems & Green model ship fails to meet the above criteria at any point within 15 years from the date of purchase, then you can make a claim under your Wilhems & Green guarantee.  If you wish to make a claim then you need to let us know by calling our customer service on the number below, before returning your product.  Our customer service team will give you a Returns Reference number and you will need to:

  • return the defective Wilhems & Green model ship to us at our Contact Address; and
  • provide a copy of your proof of purchase, a receipt or credit card / bank statement is fine; and
  • let us know why you are making a claim

Once we have heard from you, we will assess your claim and identify any problem, and then:

  • we will either repair or replace your Wilhems & Green model ship; or
  • if we can’t fix or replace your Wilhems & Green model ship, we will send you a replacement product of similar value and type

We will get back to you within a reasonable timeframe.  Please note: it can take up to one month to fully investigate and process any guarantee claim.

The Fine Print

In relation to this guarantee, Intended Purpose means: Use as a decorative product for your home and / or office environment within the  confine of  the  Wilhems & Green Care instructions.

Our guarantee is voided if you:

  • misuse the Wilhems & Green model ship, including not using in accordance with our care Instructions (for example, negligent handling), or if damage occurs that we do not consider fair wear and tear, such as damaged sustained through use of foreign objects, excessive tampering with the sails, masts, hull, substances or accident; or
  • use the product for commercial purposes.
  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused from abnormal use, or products not appropriately maintained. The below are not considered to be covered by this warranty:

– Damage to packaging only;
– Insignificant variations in dimensions, colour, grain or finish (as between a received product and an advertised product); and
– Superficial blemishes.

If returning Wilhems & Green model ship to us when making a guarantee claim, you accept responsibility for all shipping costs incurred.

Your Statutory Consumer Rights

The guarantees in this agreement are provided in addition to, and in no way limit, restrict, exclude or replace your statutory rights and guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) or any other applicable consumer laws.  To the extent that any term of our Wilhems & Green guarantee conflicts with either the ACL or any other applicable consumer laws, that provision will be severed, and the ACL or any other applicable consumer laws will prevail.