Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are We?

Wilhems & Green is a registered business trading name of Ayers Rock Marketing (Australia) Pty Ltd with the main objective of marketing high quality model ships and other decorative products. Our model ships are individually and painstakingly handcrafted and our main focus will always be on quality as opposed to Quantity.

The Wilhems and Green Model Ships are authentic and will stand the test of time. They should be a source of joy and pride for your home and / or office environment.

We have made it our mission and promise that we will deliver great values with respect, integrity, and efficiency throughout every process of our clients' transactions with us. We wish you a very happy and pleasant shopping at Wilhems & Green and we look forward to serving you.

From the Management Team

What are our Products Range?

Wilhems & Green Model Ships
Individually Handcrafted

The Wilhems & Green model ships have been individually and painstakingly handcrafted by master ship modelers and professional craftsmen. Model Ships have been designed from original plans and documents found in some great maritime museum around the world.

Eye for Detail

Each Wilhems & Green model ship is meticulously and authentically fitted and takes hundreds of hours to build.

Wilhems & Green model ships are entirely handcrafted. Neither plastic nor mould parts nor fittings from kit boxes are used. The best woods are used in their production: Grade A - Teak, oak, beech, mahogany. The Hull is made mainly of Teak Wood.

Finest Collection

Based on the above, we have every confidence that Wilhems & Green model ships should form part of the world’s finest collection of museum-quality models.

The Complete Package

Each Wilhems & Green model ship comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and History of the Model Ship

We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase owing to any misrepresentation of quality or appearance.

Half Hull Painted or Varnished
Since 1790, ship builders has fashioned half-model hull of a ship prior to construction. The half hull models enabled the builder to study and perfect the hull before a complete set of plans are drawn.

Half models are also used to adorn walls. Admire here our collection which is made of five different types of wood: Teak, Ebony, Tecoma, Cyprus and Pine. The dimensions available are:

(i) 36 x 15 cms

(ii) 46 x 17 cms

(iii) 59 x 20 cms

(iv) 85 x 27 cms

Miniature Model Ships Underglass
Our Miniature Model Ships Underglass are on the lower value end of our product range. The Miniature Model Ships Underglass do not necessarily go through the same stringent production process as the Wilhems & Green Model Ships and the Half Hull. The quality of materials used such as wood, glue, etc...are also not the same. However we are still confident the aesthetic value is not lost and they will still be a magnificent piece of decoration for your home and / or office environment .

How long does it take to deliver my Model Ship/s purchased?*

We offer a Door to Door delivery service and our chosen courier in Australia is Direct Courier / Vanguard Logistics. Delivery lead time will depend on stock levels and will be confirmed at the time of placing your order. Model Ships available in stock will be delivered within 1 week and those out of stock might take up to 4 - 6 weeks. All our model ships are 100% handcrafted and building a model ship from scratch can be a long process. As most purchases are made to order, and mostly by hand, the quoted lead times can only be indicative and approximate. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Can we custom make any model ships with any size and quantity?

Models of any vessel, from any period can be commissioned through the services of our company. Prices vary according to the prospective vessel's complexity, model size, presentation style and extent of detail. Quotations can be supplied free of charge. Please provide the following information for a "pro forma" quote.

• Type of model (full-hull, waterline, half-hull, shadowbox, etc.)

• 2 - 3 photographs & basic line drawing if available

• Size / Scale of model desired (1/4" = 1'; 3/8" = 1'; 1/2" = 1'; 3/4" = 1'; etc.) & extent of details required (larger scale = more detail)

Commercial Orders – All Projects

Where an order is taken for a special project and/or a commercial application, your business development manager will quote the specific lead time for each item and order. The standard lead times provided herein do not generally apply to commercial orders and/or special projects.

Other FAQs

Is my online purchase/s safe and secure through your Web Site?
Making online purchases on our web site is safe and secure. Our web address begins with https (the "s" stands for secure"). Our Web Site has an SSL Certificate which provides a very high level of industry standard security to conduct safe, secure eCommerce transactionns, protects passwords, credit card numbers and most importantly, to secure our customer's information

The SSL Certificate secures our web site and our customer's browser so that all information entered on any secured page is protected.

We also use ANZ eGate as a payment gateway solution which offers our client a fast, secure and simple way to make credit card payments online.

Can I Return An Item If I Am Not Happy?
It is our main objective to deliver all products purchased just as they are showcased and described on our website. If your item is, somehow, defective or not representative of the item chosen on our website, you are entitled to take delivery of a new item or a total refund. You must make a claim within 5 business days of receipt of your item to be able to qualify for an exchange, credit or refund.

Our Model Ships are individually hand crafted, and therefore not every item can be exactly the same. A tolerance of up to 5%-10% in variation must be accepted for this reason.

We do not refund for variations that fall within this parameter. If your wish is for exact replication of a Model Ship as seen on our website, we would suggest a Print to fulfill this requirement (subject to availability).

We do not refund for change of mind or incorrect size choice. Additionally, once you place and pay for an order, this shall be considered final and no variations are possible there after.

What is the Lifetime of our Model Ships?
Just like any piece of quality furniture in your living room, the lifetime of your model ship will depend on the level of care and product maintenance factor.

Our Model Ships are made predominantly from Teak Wood which is meant to be very resistant and will stand the test of time.

You can also purchase a Display Case to avoid excessive tampering and touching of the product and help prolong the lifetime of your product .

How is our Model Ship made? (Production Process)
The Production

The information below will help you to understand the high quality of our models. The pictures of our models will confirm our superiority. Our ships models are all hand made:

The various aspects taken into consideration to have the best quality are:

 Every model is built according to original plan and to scale. The maximum details are collected to make our models as accurate as possible.

 The best wood is selected. Grade A: Teak, oak, beech, mahogany.

 The hull is made of mainly teak which among the best wood to resist any environmental changes. As teak is rich in oil, it is obvious that the models will last for long.

 Other kind of wood are used in the manufacture of small pieces such as cabin, capstan, blocks, and mast and so on. (wood used are: beech, oak, rose wood and mahogany).

 Shaping of the hull: The skeleton of the model is in plywood. It is very important to clue the couples as near as possible to have the most accurate form of the hull.

 The latte of teak use to plank on the skeleton is of 4 mm thickness. They are not only clue but also nailed. The deck also is planked. Note that the line of symmetry is carefully verified so that the planks on both sides coincide.

 The hull is sanded with different grade of sand paper to have a smooth surface so as have the best finish when applying varnish. Three to four coats of varnish are applied. Before the application of each layer of varnish, the hull is sanded. Some models are partly painted.

 Starting from block of teak wood the figure head, decorations for the back and fore castle are hand carved. The craftsman should be very skilled to replicate the details which will enhance the beauty and the quality of the models.

 Dead-eyes, bell, barrels, capstan, balusters and cannons are turned and shaped individually on a lathe. Other details such as ladders, gun chariots, lifeboats need great attention. The sizes of these details varied according to the scale of the models. This is a very vital operation as all details should be positioned in their respective place.

 Solid and solid wood is selected for the mast as it is important for the rigging. Most of the masts are in two or three parts. The mounting of the mast demands a lot of concentration for their straightness, especially with complicated crow nest.

 As for the rigging, threads of different thickness and colours are selected to be closer to reality. The thread is waxed to avoid them from becoming loose. As the model is being rigged, the sails which have been dyed in tea for an oldish colour are fixed at the same time.

The approval to put the model on sale will be allocated only after a meticulous verification has been done by the quality controller.

We guarantee that all our models are hand-made, so each piece is unique.

When choosing our models, we assured that you are fully satisfied with our products and that you will recommend our company to your relatives and friends.

If you are looking for the perfect Model Ships you are at the right place. We offer scale ship models made with the finest wood and manufactured by expert artisans. Browse our site to view the catalogue of scale model ships that we have in store. We can ship anywhere in the world and are ready to call you back to give you the best advice before you decide to purchase a model ship. scale model ship.

Decorative products individually and painstakingly handcrafted.