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  • HMS Bounty Miniature

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    HMS Bounty, built in 1784 was formerly known as collier Bethia.  The vessel was acquired  by the Royal Navy on 23 May 1787, and named Bounty also known as HM Armed Vessel Bounty. The ship was quite small at 215 tons, but had three masts. Refitted for a breadfruit expedition, she was equipped with four cannons and ten spin guns. The members of the mission were composed of 43 men, 2 civilian botanists and the commanding lieutenant William Bligh…..


  • HMS Victory Miniature

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    HMS Victory, launched in 1765, was one of ten first-rate ships to be built with at least 100 guns. Constructed with around 6,000 trees which essentially consisted of 90% of oak and the remainder elm, pine and fir, with also small quantity of lignum vitae. Reconverted afterwards, her figurehead was modified along with her masts and the paint scheme was altered from red to the black and yellow which can be seen at present.

    She has participated in many battles and was mainly known as Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805…..

  • Soleil Royal Miniature


    Soleil Royal (Royal Sun) was a French war vessel, flagship of Admiral Tourvllle. She was built in Brest and launched in 1669. She was believed to have the most magnificent and crafted decorations of all baroque flagships with the ymbol of the “sun” which had been opted by Louis XIV as his personal emblem.

    Unfortunately, during one of the battles she was badly damaged on 1692 and has to undergo repairs. However, while trying to defend herself when she was attacked by 17 ships, she was destroyed and set on fire. Among all the crew around 950. there was only one survivor


  • Wasa (Vasa) Miniature


    During the Thirty Years’ War, King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden commissioned the building of a large number of large ships of the line. One of these ships was the impressive Wasa, which was supposedly given the name “NY Wassan” during her construction. The total cost for the construction of this ship ran to around 100,000 Reichstalers. At the king’s behest, an additional gun deck was added in 1627 in order to house an even greater number of guns. This would later prove to be her undoing….